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Romeo and Juliet Essay Question Revision Tool

This planning grid can be edited for any character and any theme!

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Year 11 Film Studies – Representation

To assist with your homework, use the below link to consider how key characters are represented in the film. Can you think of the portrayal of 'trickier' characters, too... Can you apply any theory to these? (For example 'Gender... Continue Reading →

Slow Writing

Use this document to support your writing skills. This is really useful for both narrative and transactional writing SLOW WRITING scaffold-cards

Revision Strategies for Non-Fiction Writing

Variety of Sentence Starters VIP Revise some of these openings to make your essays snazzy!

Year 10 and 11 AO6 Homework Booklet

A06 Technical Accuracy - STUDENT EDITED

Section A Poetry Anthology Class Model: Can you finish this at a L6 or above?

Class Model

Level 7+ Model Answer: Death and War Essay

MODEL level 7, 8 start of death and war essay qA What could you do to push your L6 answer to a L7 response like the one above?

Comparison Model: The Soldier and Mametz Wood

Take a look at the model reponse below. What grade would you give it and why? Comment below. Comparison Mametz Wood with The Soldier higher

Comparison Model

Take a look at the model response below. Test yourself by trying the same question but with different poems.   How is the passage of time presented in To Autumn and another poem of your choice

Poetry Anthology Revision Questions

Why not try some of these mock questions at home, and ask your teacher to mark them for you... Mock essay question - Cozy ApologiaMock essay question - Dulce et Decorum EstMock essay question - Living SpaceMock essay question -... Continue Reading →

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